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4D Smart Eye Massager

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Digital Devices Cause DES! (Digital Eye Strain) 

Digital eye strain (DES), also known as computer vision syndrome (CVS) affects over 50 percent of people, including both children and adults. 

Symptoms fall into two main categories: those linked to accommodative or binocular vision stress, and external symptoms linked to dry eye.

It has been reported that 59 percent of adults suffer from symptoms of DES.

Recent data shows:

  • 32% experience sore or tired eyes
  • 28% experience blurred vision
  • 27% experience headaches
  • 27% experience dry eyes

But treatment can be easy and relaxing!

Using heat, pressure and vibration, this bluetooth-enabled eye massager can help relax and treat strained eyes by promoting blood flow and reducing inflammation. Discover the world of trigger point therapy and save those precious eyes of yours!


- Folds up for convenience and portability

- Bluetooth connectivity and built-in speakers

- Heat therapy 100°-104° Fahrenheit 

- Inflating air bags for pressure therapy

- Vibration massage 


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